I started to dance when I was four. My parents took me to dancing classes because at every event we’d go together I’d pull them on the dance floor just to dance with me. So, they were like, this kid’s going to be a dancer.

I’ve been dancing all this time until now when I’m 26. During this time, I was seven-time National Champion, World Vice Champion and Blackpool Vice Champion. I’ve won many competitions and hold other championships.

I came to the United States eight years ago when I was 18 because one studio invited me to work so I moved to Manhattan, New York. I lived there for seven years. I found my husband and we moved to LA because he’s originally from there. We live here now.

Although I know Latin dancing a lot since I was trained in it until I was 17, I’d have to say the majority of my dance style is Ballroom standard. My style of teaching Ballroom is the more aggressive Italian style not British classically style. In Italian style, arm position is more aggressive, ladies are more aggressive and there are sharper, bigger movements with more interesting figures.

The difference between group classes and private lessons is that in the group classes I teach more about general things. Let’s say the person is seven years old or 37 years old, the principle stays the same so I teach for everyone. When it comes to a private lesson, I see each person differently and I see what we should work on.

I teach several adult group classes. One of the newer ones is LGBTQ Latin. That class was Elena and Gleb’s idea. They asked me what I thought about it and I said I thought it was absolutely amazing because a lot of LGBTQ people would like to dance but they are shy. That community is very closed but they want to share and let people inside so I think it’s a great idea.

I also teach the adult Salsa and Ballroom classes. The Salsa class is amazing. Since we don’t have as many males I can’t put together couples so it’s more like a sport Salsa. Very active. People literally leave the class and they are sweating. In the Ballroom class it’s fine even if you are alone because I just teach basics and syllabus. It’s targeted to beginners so you don’t have a partner.

Preparing for a Pro-Am competition starts with building a new relationship/friendship, a team because you are not only going to teach them but you going to provide them with information. You are going to direct them and care about them. You actually become a team. So when the person comes in and wants to do Pro-Am, let’s say Standard which is Ballroom with me, we sit down and make a plan and we start moving together forward. Then we compete and I am with them throughout the competition.

At Pro Dance LA we have Rounds on Friday evenings. Rounds are absolutely necessary for a dancer/competitor because it builds insane stamina and muscles which is so important for dancing. You can know every detail about technique but if you don’t have stamina and muscles you just just can’t do it.

Some final thoughts I’d like to share with you. For the kids, I would like to tell them to start doing it (dancing) for yourselves if you really want it. And for those who have never tried dancing just come to a class as we will have an amazing time.

Come Dance with Me!